At Calgary PC Medic we don’t think you should be paying 60-80-100 dollars even – just to be told what is wrong with your computer! Truth be told, in 95% of the cases, a good technician will know what’s wrong with your computer within 2 minutes! 





desk-top-repair_s02Computer won’t Start?

This is usually a sign of failing hardware or improper installed hardware drivers (the software that makes the hardware work.) If you see a totally black screen, it is a sign of either failed monitor, failed video card/chip, or failed hard disk or power supply. Call us for FREE diagnose – We will repair your computer within 24 hours!




desk-top-repair_s04Desktop or Laptop Runs Very slow?

Has your computer become a lot slower than it used to be? No worries, if it is not a hardware problem then your computer needs a tune-up. Call us if you have any questions – or to make an appointment! We will take care of the rest!




desk-top-repair_s03Computer not Responding or Freezing?

Is your computer freezing while surfing the web, or watching a video? This is most likely a sign of too many programs and/or viruses running on the background – which steal your computer resources! Call us – we will tell you what to do to Un-freeze your computer, or come visit us, we will make it run better than new!




desk-top-repair_s01Computer re-boots on its own – and shows a “Safe-Mode” Screen?

This is a common computer problem. The cause could range from poorly installed software which is trying to run when windows starts, a Virus infection or a sign of a failing hard disk. If the computer is 3-4 years old or newer it is most likely a software issue, but on an older machine this screen usually means that you need a new had disk. Whatever the case may be, we can make the process easy – and as inexpensive as possible. And we usually replace a hard disk – reinstall windows and all your programs, updates, antivirus, office etc., within 24 Hrs.!



desk-top-repair_s05Windows Errors and Software Issues?

Do you get error messages on your desktop at or after windows starts up? Do you get Error messages while in your Outlook or MS Office? This is most likely caused by a poorly installed or uninstalled program, operating system corruption, program corruption, missing system or program files, or a bad update. We will test and repair any computer error messages. Call us if have any questions, we will be glad to help you!



desk-top-repair_s06Hardware Problem – or Need an Upgrade?

Is your desktop or laptop power supply failing? Do you need a new or bigger/ faster hard drive? Do you need more RAM to speed up your machine? Do you need a new or faster video card? Is your computer overheating and shutting down? Are you having issues getting on the internet? We will repair, replace or upgrade ANY computer parts! Call us for pricing and peace of mind!