Are you a Senior? Are you an EMS Worker, a Police Officer, a FireMan, Nurse, or a Veteran of any past or present conflict? At Calgary PC Medic, we cannot make you 10 years younger – stop any wars – or make your job easier – but one thing we can do in appreciation of your service – is give you a well deserved break on your computer needs! Click below and start saving! Heck, We even reward you for just visiting our site!


Instructions To Print Coupons:  

There are 4 ways you can print the coupons below:

1) Simply Click on the Coupons below, and then click on “File” on the left upper corner of your Web-browser. Now click on Print.

2) Simply click on the coupons below, and then Press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard!

3) Place your mouse anywhere on the coupons below, Right-Click and choose “Print Picture”

4) If you are having trouble printing the coupons or you do not have a printer – simply call us at 403=861-6575!